June 23, 2017

2:10 Train: Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein

Rebel Records REB-CD 1803

Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: March 25, 2008
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Old Time, Bluegrass
01 Dreamer Or Believer (3:18)
02 The Last Thing On My Mind (3:26)
03 High Sierra (3:53)
04 Sweet Sunny South (3:27)
05 Arkansas Traveler/Soldier's Joy (3:04)
06 And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (6:21)
07 Black Jack Davey (3:23)
08 Colleen Malone (3:29)
09 Evening (3:04)
10 Dixie Hoedown (2:22)
11 Any Old Time (2:41)
12 2:10 Train (4:09)
13 Shady Grove (2:45)
Jimmy Gaudreau (mandolin/vocals) Moondi Klein (guitar/vocals)
Recording: Stuart Martin, Mastering: David Glasser, Photography: Art Wachter, Design: Don Bailey, Production Coordination: Mark Freeman
Recorded at Stonebridge Studio, Leesburg, VA. The perfect duo of mandolin, guitar and two superb voices for this Rebel Recording by two veteran bluegrass performers. Songs from the tradition plus newer songs from Harvey Reid, Tom Paxton, Eric Bogle, Harley Allen and more.

June 2, 2017

Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest 2015 Documentary

Running Time: 65 minutes

Teresa Crespo Hartendorf roamed Paramount Ranch Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest and produced a documentary of the people she talked with, the music she heard and the overall, wonderfulness of the annual music festival. This is the 2015 edition. tch productions, all rights reserved.

May 31, 2017

Anthology of American Folk Music: Edited by Harry Smith

Smithsonian Folkways SFW-40090

Format: 6-CD, Compilation, Enhanced, Reissue, Box Set
Country: US
Released: 1997
Genre: Blues, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Cajun, Country, Gospel, Delta Blues, Folk
101 Henry Lee: Dick Justice (3:28)
102 Fatal Flower Garden: Nelstone's Hawaiians (2:58)
103 The House Carpenter: Clarence Ashley (3:16)
104 Drunkard's Special: Coley Jones (3:16)
105 Old lady and the Devil: Bill and Belle Reed (3:05)
106 The Butcher's Boy: Buell Kazee (3:05)
107 The Wagoner's Lad: Buell Kazee (3:05)
108 King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-me-o: Chubby Parker (3:09)
109 Old Shoes And Leggins: Uncle Eck Dunford (3:01)
110 Willie Moore: Richard Burnett and Leonard Rutherford (3:16)
111 A Lazy Farmer Boy: Buster Carter and Preston Young (3:00)
112 Peg And Awl: The Carolina Tar Heels (2:59)
113 Ommie Wise: G. B. Grayson (3:12)
114 My Name Is John Johanna: Kelly Harrell and the Virginia String Band (3:13)
201 Bandit Cole Younger: Edward L. Crain (2:57)
202 Charles Giteau: Kelly Harrel And the Virginia String Band (3:05)
203 John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man: The Carter Family (2:57)
204 Gonna Die With My Hammer In My hand (John Henry): The Williamson Brothers and Curry (3:26)
205 Stackalee (Stagger Lee): Frank Hutchison (3:01)
206 White House blues Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers (3:31)
207 Frankie: Mississippi John Hurt (3:28)
208 When That Great Ship Went Down (The Titanic): William and Versey Smith (2:58)
209 Engine 14(3 The Carter Family (3:19)
210 Kassie Jones, Parts 1 and (2: Furry Lewis (6:16)
211 Down On Penny's Farm: The Bently Boys (2:50)
212 Mississippi Boweavil (Boll Weevil) Blues: The Masked Marvel (3:09)
213 Got The Farm Land Blues: The Carolina Tar Heels (3:17)
301 Sail Away Lady: Uncle Bunt Stephens (2:58)
302 The Wild Wagoner: Jilson Setters (3:17)
303 Wake Up Jacob: Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers (2:55)
304 La Danseuse: Delma Lachney and Blind Uncle Gaspard (2:56)
305 Georgia Stomp: Andrew and Jim Baxter (2:47)
306 Brilliancy Medley: Eck Robertson and Family (3:01)
307 Indian War Whoop: Hoyt Ming and the Pep Steppers (3:13)
308 Old Country Stomp: Henry Thomas (2:55)
309 Old Dog Blue: Jim Jackson (3:04)
310 Saut Crapaud: Columbus Fruge (2:49)
311 Acadian One-Step: Joseph Falcon (3:00)
312 Home Sweet Home: The Breaux Freres (3:00)
313 The Newport Blues: The Cincinnati Jug Band (2:58)
314 Moonshiner's Dance Part One: Frank Cloutier and the Victoria Cafe Orchestra (2:40)
401 Must Be Born Again: Rev. J.M. Gates (1:31)
402 Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting: Rev. J.M. Gates (1:29)
403 Rocky Road: Alabama Sacred Harp Singers (2:45)
404 Present Joys: Alabama Sacred Harp Singers (2:53)
405 This Song of Love: Middle Georgia Singing Convention No. 1 (2:58
406 Judgement: Rev. Sister Mary Nelson (2:25
407 He Got Better Things For You: Memphis Sanctified Singers (2:54)
408 Since I Laid My Burden Down: The Elders McIntorsh and Edwards' Sanctified Singers (3:19)
409 John The Baptist: Rev. Moses Mason (3:05)
410 Dry Bones: Bascom Lamar Lunsford (3:00)
411 John The Revelator: Blind Willie Johnson (3:21)
412 Little Moses: The Carter Family (3:14)
413 Shine On Me: Ernest Phipps and His Holiness Singers (3:03)
414 Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room: Rev. F.M. McGee (2:43
415 I'm In The Battlefield For My Lord: Rev. D.C. Rice and His Sanctified Congregation (3:20)
501 The Coo Coo Bird: Clarence Ashley (2:56)
502 East Virginia: Buell Kazee (3:01)
503 Minglewood Blues: Cannon's Jug Stompers with Noah Lewis (3:44)
504 I Woke Up One Morning In May: Didier Hébert (3:04)
505 James Alley Blues: Richard "Rabbit" Brown (3:07)
506 Sugar Baby: Dock Boggs (2:58)
507 I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground: Bascom Lamar Lunsford (3:21)
508 The Mountaineer's Courtship: Ernest and Hattie Stoneman (2:44)
509 The Spanish Merchant's Daughter (No, Sir No): The Stoneman Family (3:18)
510 Bob Lee Junior Blues: The Memphis Jug Band (3:11)
511 Single Girl, Married Girl: The Carter Family (2:47)
512 Le Vieux Soulard et Sa Femme (The Drunkard and His Wife): Cleoma Breaux and Joseph Falcon (3:10)
513 Rabbit Foot Blues: Blind Lemon Jefferson (2:57)
514 Expressman Blues: Sleepy John Estes and Yank Rachell (3:02)
601 Poor Boy Blues: Ramblin' Thomas (2:24)
602 Feather Bed: Cannon's Jug Stompers (3:16)
603 Country Blues: Dock Boggs (2:59
604 99 Year Blues: Julius Daniels (3:07)
605 Prison Cell Blues: Blind Lemon Jefferson (2:47)
606 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean: Blind Lemon Jefferson (2:55)
607 C'est Si Triste Sans Lui: Cleoma Breaux and Joseph Falcon (3:01)
608 Way Down the Old Plank Road: Uncle Dave Macon (3:01)
609 Buddy Won't You Roll Down the Line: Uncle Dave Macon (3:15)
610 Spike Driver Blues: Mississippi John Hurt (3:17)
611 K.C. Moan: The Memphis Jug Band (2:33)
612 Train on the Island: J.P. Nestor (3:00)
613 The Lone Star Trail: Ken Maynard (3:15)
614 Fishing Blues: Henry Thomas (2:45)
Producer: Harry Everett Smith, Designer: Scott Stowell, Mastering Engineer: David Glasser, Pete Reiniger & Charlie Pilzer, Liner Notes: Greil Marcus, Neil Rosenberg, Luis Kemnitzer, Jon Pankake, Peter Stampfel, Luc Sante, Kip Lornell, Eric Von Schmidt, John Fahey & Jeff Place
This deluxe 6-CD collector's boxed set contains a 96-page book featuring Harry Smith's original songbook framed by essays by Greil Marcus and other noted writers, musicians, and scholars. Play the enhanced sixth disc on your CD-ROM drive and access historic video footage, rare photos, artist interviews, and additional background information. Edited by Harry Smith. Reissue compiled by the staff of Smithsonian Folkways. Reissue liner notes by Greil Marcus, Neil Rosenberg, Jeff Place, Jon Pankake, Luis Kemnitzer and others. "...the missing link in rock's official history." -Newsweek ★★★★★ -Rolling Stone

PDF  Download Liner Notes(PDF File 20.3MB)

May 27, 2017

Yvette Landry Trio: Cajun Music & Louisiana Honky-Tonk

September 7, 2016, 64 minutes

Library of Congress concert: In this concert Grammy-nominated, award-winning vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Yvette Landry is joined by Richard Comeaux on pedal steel and Beau Thomas on fiddle. Yvette Landry grew up in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, not far from the levees of the Atchafalaya Basin, North America's largest swampland. It was in and around that swamp where she learned to hunt, fish, ride horses, dance, understand French, and tell stories. After earning a master's degree in education and developing a successful teaching career, she began telling stories through song.

The Library of Congress
For more information, visit: http://www.loc.gov/today/cyberlc/feature_wdesc.php?rec=7683

May 20, 2017

Old-Time Mountain Ballads 1926-29

County Records CD-3504

Format: CD, Compilation, Remastered
Country: US
Released: 1995
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Old-time
01 Dark Holler Blues: Clarence Ashley (2:56) 10/23/29
02 Pearl Bryan: Burnett & Rutherford (3:02) 11/6/26
03 Darling Cora: B. F. Shelton (3:47) 7/29/27
04 Charles Giteaux: Kelly Harrell (3:03) 3/22/27
05 Rose Conley: G. B. Grayson & Henry Whitter (3:24) 10/18/27
06 Wreck on the Mountain Road: Red Fox Chasers (2:35) 4/4/28
07 The Wagoner's Lad: Buell Kazee (3:02) 1/18/28
08 The Fate of Chris Lively and Wife: Blind Alfred Reed (3:20) 12/19/27
09 Six Months Ain't Long: Rutherford & Foster (2:59) 1/14/29
10 Louisville Burglar: The Hickory Nuts (2:47) 9/24/27
11 The Fate of Ellen Smith: Green Bailey (2:38) 11/30/28
12 Dixie Cowboy: Aulton Ray (2:46) 4/26/27
13 Willie Moore: Burnett & Rutherford (3:13) ca.11/3/27
14 I'll Never Be Yours: G. B. Grayson & Henry Whitter (3:01) early 10/27
15 My Mama Always Talked to Me: John Hammond, Jr. (2:28) ca. 9/17/27
16 Frankie Silvers: Byrd Moore (3:15) 10/23/29
17 The Burial of Wild Bill: Frank Jenkins' Pilot Mountaineers (2:50) ca. 9/12/29
18 Death of John Henry: Uncle Dave Macon (3:00) 4/14/26
Liner Notes: Charles Wolfe, Art Direction & Design: Fred Carlson, Coordination: Gary B. Reid, Produce: Rich Nevins
[Notes]Transfer of music from 78 rpm source material by Rich Nevins. Restoration of music and preparation of digital master by CMS Digital.

May 19, 2017

Mud Acres: Music Among Friends

Rounder Records 3001

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1972
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Bluegrass, Folk, Country
A1 Cowpoke (1:27)
A2 Done Laid Around (2:50)
A3 Darlin' Corey Is Gone (3:29)
A4 Titanic (4:02)
A5 Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents (1:49)
A6 Out Of Joint (1:47)
A7 Jackhammer Blues (2:53)
A8 Oh, The Rain (4:56)
B1 Hobo Blues (3:12)
B2 Off To Sea Once More (4:21)
B3 Fifteen Miles To Birmingham (2:35)
B4 Lonesome Pines (3:44)
B5 Prison Wall Blues )2:20)
B6 Parting Friends (1:38)
B7 Mud Acres (2:04)
Performer: Artie Traum, Bill Keith, Eric Kaz, Happy Traum, Jim Rooney, John Herald, Lee Berg, Maria Muldaur, Tony Brown
Liner Notes: Happy Traum, Design: Lloyd Ziff, Photography: David Gahr & Lloyd Ziff, Mixing & Engineering:Jim Rooney & Mark Harmen

May 18, 2017

Reeltime Travelers: Livin' Reeltime, Thinkin' Old-Time

Yodel-Ay-Hee 042

Format: CD
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Old-time
01 Paddy Won't You Drink Some Cider (2:18)
02 Bear Creek Blues (2:44)
03 Hallelujah (5:28)
04 Maybe The Last Time (4:54)
05 Ain't Gwine Drink A, No More (2:16)
06 Kiss Me Quick, Papa's Coming (3:11)
07 Little Bird Of Heaven (3:04)
08 Flippin' Jenny (2:09)
09 Sally Goodin (2:47)
10 Down The River (3:32)
11 Elzics Farewell (2:38)
12 Father Adieu (4:18)
13 Higher Rock (4:44)
Heidi Andrade (fiddle) Martha Scanlan (guitar/vocals) Roy Andrade (banjo/vocals) Thomas Sneed (mandolin/vocals) John Herrmann (bass)
Liner Notes: John Herrmann, Design: Roy Andrade, Photography: Michelle Warren, Produce: Bob Carlin, Recording: Tom Mohbat, Mastering: Matt Sandoski, Mixing: Wes Lachot
Recorded at Overdub Lane, Dec. 13-15, 2001. Mixed at Overdub Lane.

May 16, 2017

Bluegrass at Newport: 1959-1963

Vanguard VCD-121/22

Format: CD, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 1990
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Bluegrass
Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys
01 Salty Dog Blues (2:07)
02 Before I Met You (2:33)
03 Cabin On The Hill (2:43)
04 Jimmy Brown The News Boy (3:13)
The New Lost City Ramblers
05 Train Forty-Five (2:24)
06 Pretty Little Miss (3:11)
07 Liza Jane (2:23)
Tex Logan, Eric Weissberg & The New Lost City Ramblers
08 Jordan Am A Hard Road To Travel (2:42)
Mac Wiseman And The Country Boys
09 Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home (2:13)
10 Love Letters In The Sand (2:03)
11 Little Footsteps In The Snow (2:55)
Clarence (Tom) Ashley, Doc Watson, Clint Howard & Fred Price
12 'Way Downtown (3:00)
13 Maggie Walker Blues (3:11)
14 The Girl I Loved In Sunny Tennessee (2:50)
15 Lee Highway Blues (1:54)
Earl Scruggs, Hylo Brown & The Timberliners
16 Flinthill Special (3:23)
17 Earl's Breakdown (1:57)
18 Cumberland Gap (1:12)
The Morris Brothers
19 Salty Dog Blues (1:51)
20 You Give Me Your Love And I'll Give You Mine (2:59)
Jim And Jesse & The Virginia Boys
21 Border Ride (1:52)
22 Gosh, I Miss You All The Time (2:00)
23 Dill Pickle Rag (1:20)
24 She Left Me Standing On The Mountain (2:00)
Liner Notes: Mary Katherine Aldin
Recorded live at the Newport Folk Festivals 1959, 60 & 63.

May 12, 2017

Bruce Molsky & Big Hoedown

Rounder Records CD-0421

Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: July 8, 1997
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Bluegrass, Old-time
01 Sugar Babe (2:40)
02 Five Miles Out of Town (2:49)
03 Pretty Saro (3:38)
04 Half Past Four (2:51)
05 Wagoner's Lad (3:41)
06 Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Bit Further into the Fire (3:21)
07 John Henry (3:20)
08 Rocky Mountain (3:30)
09 Paddy Won't You Drink Some Good Old Cider (2:59)
10 Robert's Serenade (2:51)
11 Old Paint (4:52)
12 We'll All Go to Heaven When the Devil Goes Blind (3:05)
13 Shady Grove (3:13)
14 Train on the Island / Golden Chain Tree (4:05)
15 The Blue Tail Fly (1:54)
16 Clyde's Hiccups (3:14)
Bruce Molsky (fiddle/banjo/vocals) Beverly Smith (guitar/vocals) Rafe Stefanini (fiddle/banjo)
Liner Notes: Jay Ungar, Molly Mason & Bruce Molsky, Design: Nancy Given, Photography: Greg McGrath & Irene Young, Engineering: Ronnie Freeland, Mastering: David Glasser
A terrific bluegrass album, by turns rollicking and poignant. Bruce Molsky is joined by fellow banjo/fiddler Rafe Stefanini and guitarist Beverly Smith to make fine work of both obscure traditional numbers like "Paddy Won't You Drink Some Good Old Cider" and war horses like "Shady Grove." Smith's lovely vocal on "The Wagoner's Lad" is a standout, sure to dampen more than a few eyes. (Tim Sheridan)

May 10, 2017

Classic English and Scottish Ballads from Smithsonian Folkways

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings SFWCD-40218

Format: CD, Compilation
Country: US
Released: April 28, 2017
Genre: Folk, World, & Celtic
Style: Traditional Folk
01 Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender (Child No. 73) Mike Seeger (3:50)
02 Golden Vanity (Child No. 286) Doug Wallin (3:23)
03 The Mermaid (Child No. 289) The Golden Eagle String Band (4:14)
04 Mathie Groves (Child No. 81) Dillard Chandler (6:14)
05 The Hanging of Georgie (Child No. 209) Iron Mountain String Band (1:56)
06 Gypsy Davy (Child No. 200) Margaret MacArthur (1:57)
07 Thomas the Rhymer (Child No. 37) Ewan MacColl (6:52)
08 Lady Margaret (Child No. 74) Pete Seeger (2:51)
09 Lord Randall (Child No. 12) Jean Ritchie (2:54
10 Pretty Polly and False William (Child No. 4) Paul Clayton (3:46)
11 Andrew Batan (Child No. 250) Warde Ford (3:36)
12 Three Nights Drunk (Child No. 274) The Blue Ridge Buddies with E.C. and Orna Ball (2:36)
13 Lord Bateman (Child No. 53) The New Lost City Ramblers (5:34)
14 The Two Sisters (Child No. 10) Ellen Stekert (1:37)
15 Gallis Pole (Child No. 95) Lead Belly (2:47)
16 Lord Barnett (Child No. 68) Ella Parker (2:35)
17 The False Knight Upon the Road (Child No. 3) Artus Moser (2:23)
18 Barbara Allen (Child No. 84) Dan Tate (2:52)
19 The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry (Child No. 113) Paul Clayton (5:03)
20 The House Carpenter (Child No. 243) Dorothy Rorick (2:38)
21 The Farmer's Curst Wife (Child No. 278) Horton Barker (3:07)
Mastering Engineer: Pete Reiniger, Liner Notes: Jeff Place, Production manager: Mary Monseur
The 19th-century scholar Francis James Child meticulously and authoritatively compiled 305 Scottish and English ballads into the highly influential collection known as "Child Ballads." Although Child feared these ballads would vanish from human memory, they continue to be adored, studied, and actively performed across disciplines and genres. Classic English and Scottish Ballads from Smithsonian Folkways (from The Francis James Child Collection) introduces listeners to 21 of these traditional songs from the label’s rich collections at the Smithsonian Institution, and demonstrates the timelessness of their themes—from murder and ghosts to jealousy and unrequited love. 72 minutes, 40-page booklet with extensive notes.

PDF  Download Liner Notes(PDF file 2.29MB)

May 3, 2017

The Old Home Place: Bluegrass And Old-Time Mountain Music

Rounder Records 11661-0514-2

Format: CD, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 2003
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Bluegrass, Country
01 Home Again: Livewire 2:48
02 Letter To Home: IIIrd Tyme Out (3:08)
03 Old Home Place:J.D. Crowe (2:47)
04 Who Will Watch The Home Place: Laurie Lewis (5:26)
05 To Be Back Home Again: Spectrum (3:52)
06 Leaving This Land: Suzanne Thomas (3:38)
07 My Native Home: Nashville Bluegrass Band (2:50)
08 Little Whitewashed Chimney: The Cox Family (2:47)
09 This Old House: The Rice Brothers (4:54)
10 Home: Jim & Jesse (2:37)
11 Lonesome Old Home: Longview (4:42)
12 Home Is Where The Heart Is: Connie & Babe (2:00)
13 Squad Auction At The Home Place: Dry Branch Fire (3:42)
14 Old Kentucky Home: Vern Williams (2:45)
15 Cheer Of The Home Fires: Bill Grant & Delia Bell (2:50)
16 You Don't Have To Go Home: Alecia Nugent (3:12)
17 Hills Of Home: Hazel Dickens (4:12)
Compile: Ken Irwin, Design: Sarah Lainie Smith, Liner Notes: Bill C. Malone
Few things surpass the importance of home in traditional folk and country music. The Old Home Place gathers 17 songs taken from the past recordings of Rounder Records' illustrious cadre of artists. Songs chosen from the catalogs of Jim & Jesse, J.D. Crowe, and Laurie Lewis run the gauntlet of old-time and bluegrass styles. The Nashville Bluegrass Band's version of A.P. Carter's "My Native Home" captures the lonesome feel of the lyrics, while the Cox Family brings their trademark harmony to bear on "Little Whitewashed Chimney." Ed Hamilton's classic "Lonesome Old Home" gets a fresh makeover from Longview, while "Home Is Where the Heart Is" receives a traditional rendering by Connie & Babe. The cumulative effect of this disc is comparable to listening to an hour of old favorites on the radio with no commercials. The album ends with Hazel Dickens' heartbreaking "Hills of Home," a song that captures the modern changes that overtook and scattered many rural households. There's a similar melancholy to "Auction at the Home Place" by the Dry Branch Fire Squad. Besides good music, The Old Home Place works as a mediation on "home" and what it means in a changing and uncertain world. Bluegrass and old-time fans, along with those who long for the old home place, will enjoy this collection.

May 1, 2017

Nashville Skyline: Bob Dylan

Columbia KCS-9825

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1969
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock, Country Rock
A1 Girl From The North Country
A2 Nashville Skyline Rag
A3 To Be Alone With You
A4 I Threw It All Away
A5 Peggy Day
B1 Lay Lady Lay
B2 One More Night
B3 Tell Me That It Isn't True
B4 Country Pie
B5 Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
Bob Dylan (guitar/harmonica/keyboards/vocals) Norman Blake (guitar/dobro) Kenneth A. Buttrey (drums) Fred Carter Jr. (guitar) Charlie Daniels (bass/guitar) Pete Drake (pedal steel guitar) Marshall Grant (bass) W. S. Holland (drums) Charlie McCoy (guitar/harmonica) Bob Wilson (organ/piano) Bob Wootton (electric guitar) Johnny Cash (vocals)
Liner Notes: Johnny Cash, Photography: Elliot Landy & Al Clayton, Producer: Bob Johnston, Engineer: Charlie Bragg & Neil Wilburn
Nashville Skyline is the ninth studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, released on April 9, 1969, by Columbia Records as LP record, reel to reel tape and audio cassette.

April 30, 2017

The Not Too Bad Bluegrass Band

Running Time: 63 minutes

The Not Too Bad Bluegrass Band formed in 1987, playing local venues around Bloomington, Indiana. Original members included Jeff White, who went on to play with superstars like Alison Krauss and Vince Gill; singer-songwriter Bob Lucas; and Lisa Germano, who later played fiddle with John Mellencamp's band. The current members have their own musical history. Brian Lappin played with bluegrass legends Jimmy Martin and Earl Taylor, and the bands The Ragin' Texans and The Crawdads. His tasteful banjo playing reflects the solid influences of Earle Scruggs and J.D. Crowe. Doug Harden has played mandolin since 1969. His early years were spent at the old Bean Blossom Jamboree barn, and in the Brown County Band. Doug has also spent time in the original Kentucky Ramblers and the band Pine Mountain. Greg Norman started at a local jam session and later joined the Off the Line bluegrass band and singer-songwriter Janne Henshaw's band. Kent Todd was trained in classical violin, and was steered toward bluegrass by his father Scott, also a bluegrass musician; he has played with Bill Grant and Dehila Belle, Michael Cleveland and the Blue Hollow Band, Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers, and currently is also a member of the Troubled Waters Band. The youngest member of the NTBBB, Brady Stogdill, is a member of the original International Bluegrass Music Association's Young Acoustic All Stars; his father Dean was a great banjo player, and he has learned to play almost anything with strings on it.

April 28, 2017

Fly Through The Country: New Grass Revival

Flying Fish FF-016

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1975
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Bluegrass
A1 Skippin' In The Mississippi Dew (2:37)
A2 Good Woman's Love (3:16)
A3 Glory (3:04)
A4 All Night Train (3:12)
A5 Fly Through The Country (5:16)
B1 This Heart Of Mine (2:10)
B2 The Dancer (3:44)
B3 When She Made Laughter Easy (3:16)
B4 Doin' My Time (6:21)
B5 These Days (5:41)
Sam Bush (mandolin/fiddle/guitar/vocals) John Cowan (bass/vocals) Courtney Johnson (banjo/vocals) Curtis Burch (guitar/dobro/vocals) Chuck Cochran (piano)
Directer: Keith Case, Producer: Garth Fundis, Chuck Cochran & Sam Bush, Photographer: The Grease Brothers, Designer: Penny Case
Recorded at Jack Clement Recorders, Nashville, TN.

April 27, 2017

Marshal-Tucker Band: Where We All Belong

Capricorn Records 2C-0145

Format: 2xVinyl, LP, Album, Promo, Gatefold
Country: US
Released: 1974
Genre: Rock, Blues, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country Rock
A1 This Ol' Cowboy (6:42)
A2 Low Down Ways (2:57)
A3 In My Own Way (7:17)
B1 How Can I Slow Down (3:19)
B2 Where A Country Boy Belongs (4:32)
B3 Now She's Gone (4:38)
B4 Try One More Time (4:56)
C1 Ramblin' (5:35)
C2 24 Hours At A Time (13:17)
D1 Everyday (I Have The Blues) (11:30)
D2 Take The Highway (6:56)
Toy Caldwell (electric, acoustic, steel guitars/lead vocals) Tommy Caldwell (bass guitar/backing vocals) George McCorkle (electric, acoustic guitars/banjo) Jerry Eubanks (flute, alto, baritone and tenor saxophone/backing vocals) Doug Gray (lead vocals/percussion) Elvin Bishop (slide guitar) Earl Ford (trombone) Paul Hornsby (piano/organ/clavinet) Jerry Joseph (conga) Steve Madaio (trumpet) Sam McPhearson (harp) Andy Stein (fiddle) Johnny Vernazza (slide guitar) Billy Sanders (harmonica/rhythm guitar) Billy Sanders (rhythm guitar/harmonica) Paul Riddle (drums) Charlie Daniels (fiddle)
Sides A & B: Studio album, Sides C & D: Live performance. Toy Caldwell credited in the liner notes as playing Lead Guitar and Vocals on "Can't You See", a track that is unlisted in either the cover or the labels.

April 21, 2017

The New Lost City Ramblers: Remembrance Of Things To Come

Folkways Records FTS-31035

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo
Country: US
Released: 1973
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk, Bluegrass
A1 Soldier's Joy (2:06)
A2 The Titanic (2:56)
A3 Single Girl (5:56)
A4 Lord Bateman (5:35)
A5 I'm Lonesome (2:18)
A6 He Is Coming To Us Dead (3:16)
A7 The Cat's Got The Measels And The Dog's Got The Whooping Cough (2:56)
A8 Rock About My Saro Jane (3:10)
A9 Black Bottom Strut (2:07
B1 New Lost Hometown Blues (2:09)
B2 Dark And Stormy Weather (2:23)
B3 Black Jack Daisy (2:30)
B4 Never Be As Fast As I Have Been (3:02)
B5 Little Ball Of Yarn (2:18)
B6 The Sioux Indians (3:02)
B7 Parlez-Nous A Boire (3:38
B8 The Arkansas Sheik (2:57)
B9 Give The Fiddler A Dram (2:00)
Mike Seeger (fiddle/mandolin/mouth harp/guitar/autoharp/banjo/vocals) Tracy Schwarz (fiddle/guitar/spoons/vocals) John Cohen (banjo/guitar/triangle/vocals)
Photography: Robert Frank, Producer: Moses Asch, Recorder: Peter Bartok
Recorded August 1966. Cover photograph by famed photographer, Robert Frank.

April 20, 2017

George Davis: When Kentucky Had No Union Men

Folkways Records FTS-31016

Format: Vinyl, LP, Simulate Stereo
Country: US
Released: 1967
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk
A1 Little Lump Of Coal (2:26)
A2 When Kentucky Had No Union Men (1:38)
A3 The Harlan County Blues (2:51)
A4 Sixteen Tons (3:05)
A5 Callahan (1:02)
A6 Love Of Polly And Jack Monroe (3:34)
A7 Rocking Chair Money (2:15)
A8 The Wreck Of Main Line Number 4 (3:12)
A9 The Three-Day Blues (4:19)
B1 Coal Miner's Boogie (2:54)
B2 Miner's Dream Come True (2:48)
B3 Why Are You Leaving? (1:33)
B4 Jesus Appeared In A Barroom (3:57)
B5 Death Of The Blue Eagle (1:46)
B6 Glory In The Meetinghouse (1:43)
B7 Buggerman In The Bushes (2:50)
B8 A Child Of Desertion (2:04)
B9 White Shotgun (3:41)
George Davis (guitar/vocals)
Producer, Field Worker, Recorder, Designer, Photographer: John Cohen
George Davis began working in the coal mines at thirteen. After he injured his arm in a mining accident, Davis knew he'd never be a great guitarist, so he concentrated on writing songs about the problems miners and their unions faced. This album presents eighteen of his powerful songs.

April 19, 2017

Songcatcher II: The Tradition That Inspired The Movie

Vanguard 79716-2

Format: CD, Various Artists, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Folk, World, & Country, Stage & Screen
Style: Bluegrass, Country
01 Babes In The Woods: Almeda Riddle (1:00)
02 Georgie: Doc Watson (2:46)
03 The Coo Coo Bird: Hobart Smith (1:45)
04 The Two Lovers: Almeda Riddle (2:24)
05 Matty Groves: Doc Watson (6:07)
06 Oh Death: Dock Boggs (3:16)
07 Gunning Girl Of Constant Sorrow: Sarah Ogan (2:07)
08 Winter's Night: Doc Watson (3:25)
09 Black Jack Davey: Almeda Riddle (2:52)
10 Sugar Baby: Dock Boggs (1:57)
11 Wish I Was A Single Girl Again: Cousin Emmy (1:55)
12 Leather Britches: Fiddlin' Arthur Smith (2:19)
13 Will The Weaver: Almeda Riddle (2:00)
14 Little Birdie: Roscoe Holcomb (1:52)
15 Pretty Saro: Doc Watson (2:45)
16 House Carpenter: Clarence Ashley (3:53)
17 Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies: Maybelle Carter (3:44)
Producer: Fred Jasper & Georgette Cartwright, Liner Notes: Sheila Adams, John Currie & Fred Jasper
The artists and, of course, these performances contained here are different than those in the movie. Several of these tracks were pulled from Newport Folk Festival performances in the early '60s.

April 18, 2017

The Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers: A Tribute

Columbia CK-67676

Format: CD, Album, Various Artists
Country: US
Released: 1997
Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country, Country Rock
01 Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes: Bono (3:40)
02 Any Old Time: Alison Krauss And Union Station (3:46)
03 Waiting For A Train: Dickey Betts (4:16)
04 Somewhere Down Below The Mason Dixie Line: Mary Chapin Carpenter (3:36)
05 Miss The Mississippi And You: David Ball (3:05)
06 My Blue Eyed Jane: Bob Dylan (3:16)
07 Peach Pickin' Time Down In Georgia: Willie Nelson (3:40)
08 In The Jailhouse Now: Steve Earle & The V-Roys (2:52)
09 Blue Yodel # 9 (Standin' On The Corner): Jerry Garcia, David Grisman & John Kahn (4:15)
10 Hobo Bill's Last Ride: Iris DeMent (3:06)
11 Gambling Bar Room Blues: John Mellencamp (4:01)
12 Mule Skinner Blues: Van Morrison (4:33)
13 Why Should I Be Lonely: Aaron Neville (3:11)
14 T For Texas: Dwight Yoakam (5:31)
Liner Notes: Bob Dylan, Design: Geoff Gans, Executive Producer: Jeff Kramer & Jeff Rosen, Production Team: Christy Epstein, Debbie Sweeney, Diane Lapson, Julia Kim & Vickie Mathis, Product Manager: Greg Linn, Mastered by: Vic Anesini
Sometimes tribute albums are just that, an act of homage meant to remind us of how good a set of songs are. So The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers: A Tribute stands as a 14-song reminder that Rodgers was, as Bob Dylan puts it in the liner notes to the first release on his new boutique label, ”one of the guiding lights of the 20th century.”

April 17, 2017

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: All The Good Times

Liberty LLP-80460

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
Country: Japan
Released: 1971
Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country Rock, Classic Rock
A1 Sixteen Tracks (5:22)
A2 Fish Song (4:28)
A3 Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (3:20)
A4 Down In Texas 2:20
A5 Creepin' Round Your Back Door (2:52)
A6 Daisy (2:50)
B1 Slim Carter (3:02)
B2 Hoping To Say (3:20)
B3 Baltimore (3:44)
B4 Jamaica, Say You Will (3:29)
B5 Do You Feel It Too (3:15)
B6 Civil War Trilogy (1:53)
B7 Diggy Liggy Lo (2:20)
Jeff Hanna (guitar/vocals) Jimmie Fadden (guitar/drums/harmonica/vocals) John McEuen (guitar) Jimmy Ibbotson (guitar/drums/keyboards/vocals) Les Thompson (guitar/bass/vocals) Randy Scruggs (guitar) Norman Blake (dobro) Ellis Padgett (bass)
Producer, Photography: William E. McEuen, Design: Dean O. Torrence, Engineer: Dino Lappas
Manufactured byToshiba Musical Industries Ltd. Audience recorded during performance at the Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, California.

April 16, 2017

One-armed fiddler Marshall Claiborne

One-armed fiddler Marshall Claiborne of Hartsville, Tennessee, ca.1926. Claiborne placed second in the 1926 old-time fiddlers' contest at Nashville, utilizing an unusual technique of holding the bow between his knees and moving the fiddle against it with his left arm.

April 15, 2017

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy

Liberty LP-80126

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo
Country: Japan
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country Rock, Bluegrass
A01 Some Of Shelly's Blues (3:12)
A02 Prodigal's Return (3:16)
A03 The Cure (2:11)
A04 Travelin' Mood (2:35)
A05 Chicken Reel (0:59)
A06 Yukon Railroad (2:20)
A07 Livin' Without You (1:58)
A08 Clinch Mountain Backstep (2:16)
A09 Rave On (2:50)
A10 Billy In The Low Ground (1:14)
B01 Jesse James (0:49)
B02 Uncle Charlie Interview (2:27)
B03 Mr. Bojangles (3:34)
B04 Opus (1:37)
B05 Santa Rosa (2:21)
B06 Propinquity (2:18)
B07 Uncle Charlie (1:45)
B08 Randy Lynn Rag (1:17)
B09 House At Pooh Corner (2:37)
B10 Swanee River (0:36)
B11 Uncle Charlie Interview #2 The End / Spanish Fandango (2:34)
Jimmie Fadden (guitar/harmonica/bass/vocals) Jeff Hanna (guitar/drums/washboard/vocals) Jimmy Ibbotson (guitar/piano/drums/accordion/vocals) John McEuen (banjo/mandolin/guitar) Les Thompson ( bass/mandolin/guitar/vocals)
Producer, Photograph: William E. McEuen, Art Direction: Woody Woodward, Album Design: Dean O. Torrence, Engineer: Bruce Kennedy / Dino Lappas / Ken Deane / Mike Denecke
Manufactured byToshiba Musical Industries Ltd. Cover photo and interview was recorded at Uncle Charlie's home in Springville, California, April, 1964.s

April 12, 2017

Rhiannon Giddens: Freedom Highway

Nonesuch 558805-2

Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: Feb 24, 2017
Genre: Jazz, Blues, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Bluegrass, Gospel, Folk, Celtic
01 At The Purchaser's Option (4:16)
02 The Angels Laid Him Away (2:31)
03 Julie (4:28)
04 Birmingham Sunday (6:13)
05 Better Get It Right The First Time (3:23)
06 We Could Fly (4:53)
07 Hey Bébé (3:19)
08 Come Love Come (5:20)
09 The Love We Almost Had (4:17)
10 Baby Boy (4:29)
11 Following The North Star (1:56)
12 Freedom Highway (4:47)
Design: Jeri Heiden, Executive Producer: David Bither, Co-producer: Rhiannon Giddens and Dirk Powell, Management: John Peets, Recorded by: Eric Adcock and Nolan Thies, Mastered by: Bob Ludwig and Robert C. Ludwig
Freedom Highway, Grammy Award–winner Rhiannon Giddens' follow-up to her highly praised debut album Tomorrow Is My Turn, is out today on Nonesuch Records.

April 11, 2017

Troublesome Creek String Band: Fast as Time Can Take Me

County CO-CD-2738

Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 2005
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk, Country
01 Yell in the Shoats/Piney Ridge (2:45)
02 River of Jordan (3:29)
03 Walk Along John to Kansas (2:59)
04 I'm Going to the West (2:51)
05 Dinah (2:58)
06 Gypsy Davy (2:31)
07 Ten Steps/Little Mary Marshall (3:15)
08 I've Got a Bulldog (3:25)
09 Cousin Sally Brown (2:35)
10 Midnight on the Stormy Deep (3:45)
11 Gospel Plow (3:12)
12 The Three Babes (3:42)
13 Danville Girl (3:14)
14 Paddy on the Handcar/Georgia Horseshoe (4:15)
15 Adieu False Heart (2:59)
16 Rockbridge Blues/Brushy Fork of John's Creek (3:28)
17 When First Unto This Country (3:02)
18 Lost Indian (3:01)
19 Little Sadie (2:33)
20 Lonesome Pine Special (2:47)
21 Possum Up a 'Simmon Tree/Troublesome Creek (4:16)
22 The Ballad of Cole Younger (3:25)
23 Sweet Marie (2:47)
Rick Martin (fiddle/vocals) Steve Arkin (banjo) Dick Harrington (guitar/vocals) Lorie Lichtenwalner (bass/vocals)
Production Coordination: Christopher C. King, Producer and Audio Engineer: Bobby Read, Assistant Producer: Charlie Barnett, Engineer: Tim Fulford Brown, Mastering: David Glasser, Photography: Dan Gellert, Bruce Greene, Brad Leftwich and Mike Seeger

April 8, 2017

Rhiannon Giddens: Wayfaring Stranger

Wayfaring Stranger has been performed by many including Eva Cassidy, Jack White ,Johnny Cash and even Ed Sheeran. Here are Rhiannon Giddens & Phil Cunningham with their take. Now available on the BBC iPlayer; http://bbc.in/2o4e2Cn

April 7, 2017

J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers Vol.2

Old Timey Records OT-107

Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 1969
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
A1 Concord Rag
A2 In A Little Village Churchyard
A3 Country Blues
A4 Drunkard's Hiccoughs
A5 New Lost Train Blues
A6 Fatal Wreck Of The Bus
A7 Don't Go Out
B1 Going Back West In The Fall
B2 I Once Loved A Young Man
B3 Train No. 11
B4 Broken Hearted Blues
B5 Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
B6 Back To Johnson City
B7 When I Reach My Home Eternal
Daddy John Love (guitar/vocals) J.E. Mainer (fiddle) Wade Mainer (banjo/vocals) Zeke Morris (guitar/vocals)
Artwork: Wayne Pope, iner Notes & Photography: J.E. Mainer, Photography: Edited by Chris Strachwitz
Recorded 1930's, USA.

April 6, 2017

J.E. Mainer's Crazy Mountaineers

Old Timey Records LP-106

Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 1969
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
A1 Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind
A2 Answer To Greenback Dollar
A3 Sparkling Blue Eyes
A4 Kiss Me Cindy
A5 Why Do You Bob Your Hair, Girls
A6 We Will Miss Him
A7 Just Over In The Gloryland
B1 Seven And A Half
B2 Searching For A Pair Of Blue Eyes
B3 Write A Letter To Mother
B4 Sparkling Blue Eyes #2
B5 A Change All Around
B6 Maple On The Hill #2
B7 Let Her Go, God Bless Her
Daddy John Love (guitar/vocals) J.E. Mainer (fiddle/vocals) Wade Mainer (banjo/vocals) Zeke Morris (guitar/vocals) George Morris (guitar/vocals) Leonald Stokes (mandolin/vocals)
Liner Notes & Photography: J.E. Mainer, Edited by Chris Strachwitz
Recorded: 1930's, USA.

April 3, 2017

Burnett & Rutherford: Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order

Document Records DOCD-8025

Format: CD, Compilation, Remastered
Country: Austria
Released: 1998
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk, Country
01 Lost John (2:59
02 Little Stream Of Whiskey (2:55)
03 Weeping Willow Tree (3:05)
04 I'll Be With You When The Roses Bloom Again (3:00)
05 A Short Life Of Trouble (3:05)
06 Pearl Bryan (3:01)
07 My Sweetheart In Tennessee (2:55)
08 Are You Happy Or Lonesome (2:52)
09 Curley-Headed Woman (3:04)
10 Ramblin' Reckless Hobo (3:27)
11 Willie Moore (3:14)
12 All Night Long Blues (3:07)
13 Ladies On The Steamboat (3:10)
14 Billy In The Low Ground (3:05)
15 She Is A Flower From The Fields Of Alabama (2:49)
16 Under The Pale Moonlight (3:08)
17 Knoxville Rag (3:09)
18 Grandma's Rag (3:10)
19 Cumberland Gap (2:50)
20 Going Around The World (2:58)
21 Going Across The Sea (3:03)
22 Bonnie Blue Waltz (3:03)
23 Sleeping Lulu (3:04)
24 Blackberry Blossoms (3:10)
Richard Burnett (banjo/vocals) Leonard Rutherford (fiddle/vocals) Byrd Moore (guitar) Leonard Rutherford (flute/vocals) Dick Taylor (flute) Lynn Woodward (guitar)
Liner Notes: Charles K. Wolfe, Discography: Tony Russell, Producer: Johnny Parth
Recording places and dates:
Tracks 1-6: Atlanta, GA, November 6, 1926
Tracks 7-8: Atlanta, GA, April 2, 1927
Tracks 9-14: Atlanta, GA, November 3, 1927
Tracks 15-19: Richmond, IN, c. October 29, 1928
Tracks 20-22: Richmond, IN, c.January 5, 1929
Tracks 23-24: Atlanta, GA, April 19, 1930

March 28, 2017

Another Country: The Chieftains

RCA Victor 09026-60939-2

Format: CD, Album, Dolby Surround
Country: US
Released: 1992
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country, Bluegrass, Celtic
01 Happy to Meet (3:03)
02 I Can't Stop Loving You: Don Williams (3:26)
03 Wabash Cannonball/Morning Dew/Father Kelly's Reels: Ricky Skaggs (3:22)
04 Heartbreak Hotel/The Cliffs of Moher Jig: Chet Atkins (3:19)
05 Goodnight Irene: Willie Nelson (4:16)
06 Cúnla: Colin James (3:36)
07 Nobody's Darling But Mine: Emmylou Harris (3:37)
08 Cotton Eyed Joe: Ricky Skaggs (2:37)
09 Tahitian Skies: Chet Atkins (3:28)
10 Killybegs: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (3:40)
11 Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore: Kevin Conneff (4:40)
12 Finale: Did You Ever Go-A-Courtin', Uncle Joe/Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Ricky Skaggs, Emmylou Harris and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (12:06)
The Chieftains: Martin Fay (fiddle) Seán Keane (fiddle) Kevin Conneff (bodhran, drums, vocals) Matt Molloy (flute) Paddy Moloney (tin whistle, uillean pipes) Derek Bell (harp, tiompán, keyboads)
Recorded at Javelina Studios, Nashville on March 9 and April 28 - May 4, 1992, except Track 6 recorded at Sounds Interchange Studio, Toronto on March 18, 1992. Track 5 recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin on April 17, 1992.

March 26, 2017

Cold Mountain: Collector's Edition


Format: DVD, Color, Dolby, DTS Stereo, Widescreen
Region: 2 - Japan, Europe, South Africa, Greenland and the Middle East
Country: Japan
DVD Released: September 15, 2004
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Bluegrass, Neo-Classical
01 Wayfaring Stranger: Jack White (4:26)
02 Like A Songbird That Has Fallen: Reeltime Travelers (3:14)
03 I Wish My Baby Was Born: Tim Eriksen, Riley Baugus & Tim O'Brien (3:09)
04 The Scarlet Tide: Alison Krauss (2:59)
05 The Cuckoo: Tim Eriksen & Riley Baugus (1:40)
06 Sittin' On Top Of The World: Jack White (3:48)
07 Am I Born To Die?: Tim Eriksen (2:33)
08 You Will Be My Ain True Love: Alison Krauss (2:32)
09 I'm Going Home: Sacred Harp Singers At Liberty Church (2:19)
10 Never Far Away: Jack White (3:40)
11 Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over: Jack White (3:17)
12 Ruby With The Eyes That Sparkle: Stuart Duncan & Dirk Powell (3:12)
13 Lady Margret: Cassie Franklin (3:02)
14 Great High Mountain: Jack White (4:33)
15 Anthem: Gabriel Yared (3:24)
16 Ada Plays: Gabriel Yared (3:18)
17 Ada And Inman: Gabriel Yared (5:03)
18 Love Theme: Gabriel Yared (3:40)
19 Idumea: Sacred Harp Singers At Liberty Church (3:18)
Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, Renée Zellweger, Eileen Atkins, Brendan Gleeson
Directors: Anthony Minghella, Writers: Anthony Minghella, Charles Frazier, Producers: Albert Berger, Bob Osher, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Iain Smith

March 16, 2017

Songcatcher: Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture

Vanguard CD 79586-2

Format: CD, Album, Soundtrack
Country: US
Released: 2001
Genre: Folk, World, & Country, Stage & Screen
Style: Folk
01 Fair And Tender Ladies: Rosanne Cash (2:54)
02 Pretty Saro: Iris DeMent (2:52)
03 When Love Is New: Dolly Parton & Emmy Rossum (5:16)
04 Barbara Allen: Emmy Rossum (0:43)
05 Barbara Allen: Emmylou Harris (4:33)
06 Moonshiner: Allison Moorer (3:32)
07 Sounds Of Loneliness: Patty Loveless (3:41)
08 All My Tears: Julie Miller (3:08)
09 Wayfarin' Stranger: Maria McKee (3:49)
10 Mary Of The Wild Moor: Sara Evans (3:20)
11 Wind And Rain: Gillian Welch, David Rawlings & David Steele (3:20)
12 The Cuckoo Bird: Deana Carter (3:30)
13 Score Suite #1: David Mansfield (4:59)
14 Conversation With Death: Hazel Dickens, David Patrick Kelly & Bobby McMillen (2:57)
15 Score Suite #2: David Mansfield (4:58)
16 Single Girl: Pat Carroll (1:04)
Producer: Chris Farren, Art Direction: Kimberly Levitan, Artwork: Woodie Long, Coordinator: Stephanie Urcheck, Creative Director: Georgette Cartwright, Design: Good And Evil Design, Christopher Covert, Ken Levitan and Steve Buckingham, Production Manager: Jennie Carey
The soundtrack to a film about a woman music scholar's travels in Appalachia is largely devoted to contemporary versions of traditional folk songs by an impressive roster of female vocalists.

March 12, 2017

Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers Vol. 2: Old Time Songs Recorded 1926-1930

County Records CD-3508

Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: Feb 27, 1996
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
01 If the River Was Whiskey (3:09)
02 Bill Mason (3:00)
03 Baltimore Fire (3:11)
04 Honeysuckle (3:14)
05 My Gypsy Girl (2:56)
06 Ragtime Annie (3:12)
07 It's Movin' Day (3:26)
08 Budded Rose (3:02)
09 A Kiss Waltz (3:08)
10 Jealous Mary (2:59)
11 Wild Horse (3:07)
12 If I Lose, I Don't Care (3:06)
13 There'll Come a Time (3:29)
14 Southern Melody (3:05)
15 Mother's Last Farewell Kiss (3:03)
16 One Moonlight Night (3:21)
Charlie Poole (banjo/vocals) Lonnie Austin (fiddle) Odell Smith (fiddle) Posey Rorer (fiddle) Norman Woodlieff (guitar) Roy Harvey (guitar)
Liner Notes: Kinney Rorrer, Producer: Dave Freeman, Remastering: Peter Siegel
County Records' second installment of Charlie Poole & the North Carolina Ramblers is another great testament to this seminal band: while most or all of Poole and the Ramblers' best-known songs are included on the earlier volume of Old Time Songs, the lesser-known tunes on this disc are every bit as entertaining, if often less familiar.

March 11, 2017

Amigo: Arlo Guthrie

Reprise Records MS-2239

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: Jun 28, 1976
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock
A1 Guabi, Guabi (2:27)
A2 Darkest Hour (4:04)
A3 Massachusetts (3:12)
A4 Victor Jara (4:18)
A5 Patriots' Dream (2:51)
B1 Grocery Blues (2:08)
B2 Walking Song (3:13)
B3 My Love (2:41)
B4 Manzanillo Bay (4:24)
B5 Ocean Crossing (3:23)
B6 Connection (2:40)
Arlo Guthrie (guitar/vocals) Bob Glaub (bass) Nick DeCaro (strings/accordion) Bill Green (guitar) Milt Holland (percussion) Dr. Rick Jaeger (drums) Leah Kunkel (keyboards/piano/vocals) Russ Kunkel (percussion/drums) Gayle LeVant (harp/harmonica) Linda Ronstadt (vocals) Dan Velika (bass) Waddy Wachtel (guitar) Jai Winding (keyboards)
Producer: John Pilla, Engineer: Donn Landee
With Amigo, Arlo Guthrie's ninth album, he cemented his place as an important artist in his own right. Like Woody, Arlo has always tempered his sense of tradition and what's important, with a playfulness and sense of humor.

March 10, 2017

Arlo Guthrie

Reprise Records MS-2183

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Club Edition
Country: US
Released: 1974
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock
A1 Won't Be Long (2:38)
A2 Presidential Rag (4:26)
A3 Deportees (3:48)
A4 Children Of Abraham (2:24)
A5 Nostalgia Rag (2:50)
B1 When The Cactus Is In Bloom (2:20)
B2 Me And My Goose (1:58)
B3 Bling Blang (2:46)
B4 Go Down Moses (2:36)
B5 Hard Times (2:40)
B6 Last To Leave (2:42)
Arlo Guthrie (guitar/vocals) Byron Berline (fiddle) Ry Cooder (guitar) Jesse Ed Davis (guitar) John Pilla (guitar) Nick DeCaro (accordion/strings) Doug Dillard (banjo) Buddy Emmons (pedal steel guitar) Chris Ethridge (bass) Jim Gordon (drums) Jim Keltner (drums) Spooner Oldham (keyboards) Clydie King (vocals) Jessica Smith (vocals)
Design: Bob Cato, Photography: John Pilla, Producer: John Pilla & Lenny Waronker, Engineer: Donn Landee & Lee Herschberg
This is a Club Edition as stated on record label. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Warner Bros. Studios, N. Hollywood. The pictures of this release do NOT depict the first pressing of this release: First pressing of 1974 come with the text "STEREO" at bottom of the label.

March 9, 2017

J.E. Mainer's Crazy Mountaineers Vol. 1

J.E. Mainer Productions ALP-201

Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 1971
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
A1 Old Number 9
A2 Train 45
A3 The Longest Train
A4 All Aboard
A5 Kiss Me Goodbye If You Love Me
A6 Please Don't Leave Me This Way
A7 Free Again
B1 The Lord Promised Me A Place In The Sky
B2 Railroad Blues
B3 Shang High Rooser
B4 Take Me In The Life Boat
B5 Maple On The Hill
B6 Lights In The Valley
B7 City On The Hill
Daddy John Love (guitar/vocals) J.E. Mainer (fiddle) Wade Mainer (banjo) Zeke Morris (guitar)
Sourced from original 78 rpm discs, recorded in the 1930s & 1940s.

March 7, 2017

Charlie Poole And The North Carolina Ramblers: Old Time Songs Recorded 1925-1930

County Records CD-3501
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1993
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
01 White House Blues (3:26)
02 Sweet Sunny South (2:53)
03 Shootin' Creek (3:23)
04 He Rambled (2:57)
05 The Letter That Never Came (2:47)
06 Mountain Reel (3:02)
07 You Ain't Talkin' To Me (2:53)
08 Sweet Sixteen (2:50)
09 Leaving Home (3:08)
10 Took My Gal A-Walkin' (2:46)
11 Monkey On A String (3:05
12 Ramblin' Blues (3:05)
13 Flying Clouds (3:15)
14 Falling By THe Wayside (3:04)
15 Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (2:51)
16 Take A Drink On Me (3:13)
Charlie Poole (banjo/vocals) Lonnie Austin (fiddle) Posey Rorer (fiddle) Norman Woodlieff (guitar) Roy Harvey (guitar)
Liner Notes: Kinney Rorrer, Producer: Dave Freeman, Remastering: Peter Siegel
Old-Time Songs contains 16 songs Charlie Poole recorded for Columbia Records between 1925 and 1930. This sampling features nearly every one of his best songs -- including the hits "White House Blues" and "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Blues" -- and provides the definitive retrospective of Poole, as well as a good glimpse into the style and sound of old timey country music in the first half of the 20th Century.

March 4, 2017

Mountain Music Of Kentucky

Smithsonian Folkways SF CD 40077

Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Country: US
Released: 1996
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk
1-01 Old Age Pension Blues: Bill Cornett (1:59)
1-02 Hook And Line: Bill Cornett (1:01)
1-03 John Henry: Bill Cornett (3:58)
1-04 Pretty Polly: Bill Cornett (2:54)
1-05 Old Reuben: Bill Cornett (1:40)
1-06 Spring Of '65: J.D. Cornett (2:28)
1-07 Sally In The Garden: J.D. Cornett (0:30)
1-08 Barbara Allen: J.D. Cornett (0:29)
1-09 When We Shall Meet: Old Baptist Church (6:09)
1-10 Amazing Grace: Old Baptist Church (6:26)
1-11 Across The Rocky Mountain: Roscoe Holcomb (3:39)
1-12 Graveyard Blues: Roscoe Holcomb (2:24)
1-13 Cripple Creek: Roscoe Holcomb (0:58)
1-14 True Love: Roscoe Holcomb (3:43)
1-15 Sally In The Garden: Marion Sumner (0:48)
1-16 Lost Indian: Marion Sumner (0:51)
1-17 Hollow Poplar: Marion Sumner (0:55)
1-18 Death Of The Blue Eagle: George Davis (1:53)
1-19 Little Birdie: Willie Chapman (1:19)
1-20 Lost Indian: Willie Chapman (0:58)
1-21 Jaw Bone: Willie Chapman (0:54)
1-22 Bunkers Hill: Willie Chapman (0:39)
1-23 Cacklin' Hen: Willie Chapman (0:48)
1-24 Julie Ann: Willie Chapman (1:09)
1-25 Born In Old Kentucky: Bill Cornett (2:20)
1-26 Buck Creek Girls: Bill Cornett (0:59)
1-27 Sweet Willie: Bill Cornett (1:53)
1-28 Cluck Old Hen: Bill Cornett (1:23)
1-29 Coney Island: Roscoe Holcomb (1:41)
1-30 Baby Let Your Hair Roll Down: Roscoe Holcomb (2:03)
1-31 Wayfaring Stranger: Roscoe Holcomb (3:09)
2-01 Stingy Woman: Roscoe Holcomb (1:57)
2-02 East Virginia Blues: Roscoe Holcomb (3:26)
2-03 Single Girl: Roscoe Holcomb (1:53)
2-04 Black Eyed Susie: Roscoe Holcomb (1:24)
2-05 Hills Of Mexico: Roscoe Holcomb (2:52)
2-06 Foreign Lander: Martha Hall (0:49)
2-07 Kitty Alone: Martha Hall (1:14)
2-08 Young & Tender Ladies: Martha Hall (0:39)
2-09 Charlie's Neat: Granville Bowlin (0:45)
2-10 Cotton-Eyed Joe: Granville Bowlin (0:40)
2-11 Little Sunshine: Granville Bowlin (0:51)
2-12 Wild Bill Jones: Granville Bowlin (1:39)
2-13 Great Speckled Bird: Holiness Church (1:32)
2-14 Clap & Shout: Holiness Church (1:31)
2-15 Cry From The Cross: Holiness Church (2:36)
2-16 Clap & Shout & Shriek: Holiness Church (1:22)
2-17 The Wagoner's Lad: Mr. & Mrs. Sams (2:29)
2-18 The Absentee: Mr. & Mrs. Sams (1:50)
2-19 The Coo Coo: Mr. & Mrs. Sams (1:17)
2-20 Marthis Campbell: James Crase (1:26)
2-21 Sally Goodin': James Crase (1:39)
2-22 Fiddler A Dram: James Crase (2:10)
2-23 Fox Chase: James Crase (2:25)
2-24 Old Joe Clark: James Crase (2:24)
2-25 Fire On The Mountain: James Crase (1:41)
2-26 Ways Of The World: James Crase (1:17)
2-27 Inch Along: James Crase (1:28)
2-28 Skip To My Lou: James Crase (1:54)
2-29 St. Louis Blues: Lee Sexton (1:39)
2-30 Pretty Polly: Lee Sexton (2:11)
2-31 Fly Around: Lee Sexton (0:49)
2-32 Fox Chase: Lee Sexton (0:55)
2-33 Ruby: Grigsby & Young (2:00)
2-34 No Letter In The Mail: Grigsby & Young (2:30)
2-35 Fair Miss In The Garden: Grigsby & Young (5:18)
2-36 John Henry: Grigsby & Young (1:09)
2-37 Rocky Island: Grigsby & Young (1:56)
Recorded, Compiled, Liner Notes, Photography by: John Cohen, Liner Notes: Carla Borden, Coordinato: Mary Monseur & Michael Maloney, Design: Visual Dialogue, Engineer: Charlie Pilzer & Lea Anne Sonenstein
Recorded in 1959. Originally released in 1959 as Folkways 2317. This edition contains over 60 minutes of additional, previously unreleased material. Mastered at Airshow Inc., Springfield, VA.

March 1, 2017

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Mercury MRNF-02077-2

Format: CD, Album, Soundtrack
Country: US
Released: 2000
Genre: Blues, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Bluegrass, Folk
01 Po Lazarus: James Carter & The Prisoners (4:30)
02 Big Rock Candy Mountain: Harry McClintock (2:17)
03 You Are My Sunshine: Norman Blake (4:26)
04 Down To The River To Pray: Alison Krauss (2:53)
05 I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow: The Soggy Bottom Boys Featuring Dan Tyminski (3:13)
06 Hard Time Killing Floor Blues: Chris Thomas King (2:01)
07 I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow: Norman Blake (4:30)
08 Keep On The Sunny Side: The Whites (4:30)
09 I'll Fly Away: Gillian Welch And Alison Krauss (3:57)
10 Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby: Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss And Gillian Welch (1:58)
11 In The Highways: Sarah, Hannah And Leah Peasall (1:36)
12 I Am Weary (Let Me Rest): The Cox Family (3:16)
13 I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow: John Hartford (2:34)
14 O Death: Ralph Stanley (3:21)
15 In The Jailhouse Now: The Soggy Bottom Boys Featuring Tim Blake Nelson (3:36)
16 : The Soggy Bottom Boys Featuring Dan Tyminski I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (4:18)
17 Indian War Whoop: John Hartford (1:30)
18 Lonesome Valley: Fairfield Four (4:08)
19 Angel Band: The Stanley Brothers (2:18)
Executive Producer: Denise Stiff, Producer: T-Bone Burnett & Gillian Welch
Music to the Coen Brothers' film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" Recorded at Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN; Ocean Way, Nashville, TN; and Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA.

February 28, 2017

As I Roved Out (Field Trip-Ireland)

Folkways Records FW-8872

Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1960
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Celtic
01 As I Roved Out: Sarah Makem (0:59)
02 What Would You Do If You Married a Soldier?: Seamus Ennis (1:46)
03 Jack O'Donahue: Elizabeth Cronin (2:49)
04 The Kerry Recruit: Con Skully (3:20)
05 The Magpie's Nest: Annie Jane Kelly (2:03)
06 Londonderry Hornpipe and Set Dance: Johnny Hoare (4:06)
07 With Kitty I'll Go: Dermott Barry (2:20)
08 Barbara Allen: Sarah Makem (5:38)
09 The Sound of the Drum: Seamus Ennis (0:47)
10 Una Bhan: Maire O'Donohue (4:37)
11 Cork Hornpipe: Tommy Makem (0:51)
12 Lannigan's Ball: Johnny Hoare and Elizabeth Cronin (1:09)
13 The Little Pack of Tailors: Elizabeth Cronin (1:05)
14 Dilly No Douse: Máirín Ní Dhonnchadha (1:11)
15 Wexford Mummers Song: Seán Ó'Tuoma (2:39)
16 Monochan Fair: Frank MacPeake (2:10)
17 The Girl I Left Behind Me / The Rakes of Mallow: Ceilidh Band (2:23)
Field Worker: Jean Ritchie, Recorder: George Pickow, Designer: Ronald Clyne
In 1952, Jean Ritchie—iconic folksinger and dulcimer player from Kentucky—received a Fulbright scholarship enabling her to travel to Great Britain and Ireland to trace the origin of her Kentucky versions of songs and compare them with British and Irish versions. During the course of her travels, Richie and husband George Pickow, with the assistance of British and Irish folk song authorities, made field recordings of local performers. This collection presents 17 of those recordings and is a companion album to Field Trip – England (FW08871).

February 26, 2017

Classic Mountain Songs From Smithsonian Folkways

Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40094

Format: CD, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk, Country
01 Omie Wise: Doug Wallin (3:03)
02 Sugar Baby: Dock Boggs (2:50)
03 I Am A Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow: Old Regular Baptists (5:24)
04 Sixteen Tons: George Davis (3:05)
05 John Henry: Lesley Riddle (2:25)
06 Lost Indian: Marion Sumner (0:51)
07 Southbound: Doc And Merle Watson (2:39)
08 High On A Mountain: Ola Belle Reed (3:02)
09 Coal Creek March: Pete Steele (1:23)
10 Coal Miner Blues: Hazel Dickens And Alice Gerrard (2:42)
11 Railroad Blues: Sam McGee (2:45)
12 Cuckoo Bird: Clarence Ashley (2:33)
13 Conversation With Death: Berzilla Wallin (5:03)
14 Lone Prairie: Wade Ward (0:52)
15 Rain And Snow: Dillard Chandler (2:23)
16 Mole In The Ground: Bascom Lamar Lunsford (3:19)
17 Moonshiner: Roscoe Holcomb (1:59)
18 Wildwood Flower: Kilby Snow (1:23)
19 Barbry Ellen: Jean Ritchie (5:01)
20 Daniel Prayed: Watson, Price, And Howard (2:54)
21 Wreck Of The Number Nine: Pop Stoneman (2:48)
22 Red Jacket Mine Explosion: The Phipps Family (4:00)
23 Kingdom Come: Norman Edmonds (2:02)
24 Amazing Grace: Horton Barker (4:16)
Liner Notes: Jeff Place & Jacob Love, Coordinator: Mary Monseur, Mastered by: Pete Reiniger, Technician: Nathaniel Berndt

February 19, 2017

Classic Appalachian Blues From Smithsonian Folkways

Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40198

Format: CD, Compilation
Country: US
Released: February 16, 2010
Genre: Blues, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Blues
01 My Baby's Gone: Sticks McGhee (3:45)
02 Louise Blues: Big Chief Ellis With Cephas And Wiggins (5:14)
03 Sitting On Top Of The World: Doc Watson (2:58)
04 Railroad Bill: John Jackson (3:34)
05 Don't Let Your Deal Go Down: Bill Williams (2:15)
06 You Don't Know My Mind: Pink Anderson (2:36)
07 Blues Around My Bed: J.C. Burris (2:54)
08 Hesitation Blues: Gary Davis (3:15)
09 Pawn Shop Blues: Brownie McGhee (3:01)
10 The Road Is Rough And Rocky: Archie Edwards (3:23)
11 Hoodoo Blues: Martin, Bogan And Armstrong (5:13)
12 Red River Blues : Lesley Riddle (2:04)
13 Walking Cane: Peg Leg Sam Jackson (2:31)
14 One Dime Blues: Etta Baker (3:43)
15 Mississippi Heavy Water Blues: Roscoe Holcomb (2:13)
16 Outskirts Of Town: Josh White (3:03)
17 See What You Done Done: Baby Tate (2:32)
18 I Got A Woman: Marvin And Turner Foddrell (2:50)
19 Girl Dressed In Green: John Tinsley (1:56)
20 Blues In The Morning: E.C. Ball (3:37)
21 Wine Blues (Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-Oh-Dee): Sticks McGhee (3:43)
Liner Notes: Barry Lee Pearson & Jeff Place, Design: Communication Visual, Photography: Dorothea Lange, Doug Bell, Duncan Schiedt, Jack Delano, Marion Post Wolcott, Producer: D. A. Sonneborn & Daniel E. Sheehy
Recordings made by Folkways Records and at the Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife 1971-1982

February 16, 2017


Run Time: 109 minutes

Format: DVD, Color, NTSC
Country: US
DVD Released: February 19, 2004
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Soundtrack, Country
01 Fair And Tender Ladies: Rosanne Cash (2:54)
02 Pretty Saro: Iris DeMent (2:52)
03 When Love Is New: Dolly Parton & Emmy Rossum (5:16)
04 Barbara Allen: Emmy Rossum (0:43)
05 Barbara Allen: Emmylou Harris (4:33)
06 Moonshiner: Allison Moorer (3:32)
07 Sounds Of Loneliness: Patty Loveless (3:41)
08 All My Tears: Julie Miller (3:08)
09 Wayfarin' Stranger: Maria McKee (3:49)
10 Mary Of The Wild Moor: Sara Evans (3:20
11 Wind And Rain: Gillian Welch, David Rawlings & David Steele (3:20)
12 The Cuckoo Bird: Deana Carter (3:30)
13 Score Suite #1: David Mansfield (4:59)
14 Conversation With Death: Hazel Dickens, David Patrick Kelly & Bobby McMillen (2:57)
15 Score Suite #2: David Mansfield (4:58)
16 Single Girl: Pat Carroll (1:04)
Janet McTeer, Michael Davis, Michael Goodwin, Gregory Russell Cook, Jane Adams
Director: Maggie Greenwald, Writer: Maggie Greenwald, Producers: Caroline Kaplan, Elizabeth Finkelstein, Ellen Rigas-Venetis, Jennifer Roth, Jonathan Sehring

February 14, 2017

Appalachian Journey: Yo-Yo Ma • Edgar Meyer • Mark O'Connor

Sony Classical SK-66782

Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: Mar 21, 2000
Genre: Classical, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Classical crossover
01 1B (4:02)
02 Misty Moonlight Waltz (4:46)
03 Hard Times Come Again No More (3:44)
04 Indecision (4:28)
05 Limerock (2:28)
06 Benjamin (3:32)
07 Fisher's Hornpipe (3:45)
08 Duet For Cello And Bass (5:54)
09 Emily's Reel (2:48)
10 Cloverfoot Reel (4:24)
11 Poem For Carlita (7:34)
12 Caprice For Three (3:48)
13 Second Time Around (4:33)
14 Slumber My Darling (4:53)
15 Vistas (9:58)
Yo-Yo Ma (cello) Edgar Meyer (bass) Mark O'Connor (violin) James Taylor (guitar/vocals) Alison Krauss (vocals)
A&R: Mia Bongiovanni, Liner Notes: John Schaefer, Art Direction: Allen Weinberg & Laura Torres, Photography: Merri Cyr & Michael Lutch
Recorded at Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts, on July 19-21, 1999, and Ocean Way Studios, Nashville, Tennessee, on September 10, 1999.

February 12, 2017

Folks, He Sure Do Pull Some Bow! Vintage Fiddle Music 1927-1935

Old Hat Records CD-1003

Format: CD, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 2001
Genre: Blues, Folk, World
Style: Blues, Jazz
01 Ruckus Juice And Chittlin: Memphis Jug Band
02 The Jazz Fiddler: Walter Jacobs And Lonnie Carter
03 Moanin’And Groanin’Blues: Peg Leg Howell & His Gang
04 Dance Hall Shuffle: Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers
05 My Four Reasons: "Banjo Ikey" Robinson And His Bull Fiddle Band
06 Wild Cow Blues: Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers
07 Knox County Stomp: Tennessee Chocolate Drops
08 Rustlin’Man: State Street Boys
09 Sister Maud Mule: Alec Johnson
10 G Rag: Georgia Yellow Hammers
11 Throw Me In The Alley: Peetie Wheatstraw And His Blue Blowers
12 If You Can’t Make It Easy, Sweet Mama: Dixieland Jug Blowers
13 Bunker Hill: Frank Stokes
14 I Got A Gal: James Cole's String Band
15 Sweet To Mama: State Street Boys
16 Doctor Medicine: South Memphis Jug Band
17 Cabo Verdranos Peça Nove: Abrew's Portuguese Instrumental Trio
18 Worried Man Blues: Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers
19 Georgia Crawl: Henry Williams And Eddie Anthony
20 Good Old Turnip Greens: Bo Chatman
21 Memphis Stomp: Blue Boys
22 Get Up Off That Jazzophone: The Bubbling Over Five
23 Rukus Juice Shuffle: Alabama Rascals
24 Lazy Lazy River: Mississippi Sheiks
Produce and Liner Notes: Marshall Wyatt, Design: Davd Linch Graphic Design, Remastering: Christopher King, Digital Mastering: Robert Vosgien

February 6, 2017

So Long Of A Journey: Hot Rize

Sugar Hill Records SUG-CD-3943

Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Bluegrass
01 Blue Night 2:28
02 Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning (2:45)
03 Empty Pocket Blues (2:40)
04 Introductions (1:42)
05 Radio Boogie (2:36)
06 Just Like You (3:46)
07 Climbing Up A Mountain (3:41)
08 Walkin' The Dog (2:52)
09 Frank's Blues (2:49)
10 A Voice On The Wind (3:51)
11 Shadows In My Room (3:01)
12 Nellie Kane (3:01)
13 The Butcher's Dog (2:58)
14 Working On A Building (4:09)
15 Walk The Way The Wind Blows (3:42)
16 Foggy Mt. Breakdown (1:25)
17 High On A Mountain (3:18)
18 Colleen Malone (3:09)
19 Life's Too Short (3:30)
20 Won't You Come And Sing For Me (3:43)
Tim O'Brien (mandolin/fiddle/vocals) Nick Forster (bass/vocals) Pete Wernick (banjo/vocals) Charles Sawtelle (guitar/vocals)
Art Direction: William C. Matthews, Booking: Keith Case, Design: Rich Ikegami, Editer: Bob Burnham & David Glasser, Engineer: Kevin Clock, Mastered by: David Glasser, Photography: Steven Stone, Producer: Nick Forster & Pete Wernick
Recorded by Mike Grace and Mickey Houlihan, Boulder Theater, Boulder, Colorado, March 6 and 7, 1996.

February 5, 2017

Classic Bluegrass From Smithsonian Folkways

Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40092

Format: CD, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Bluegrass
01 Whitehouse Blues: Earl Taylor And The Stoney Mountain Boys (1:58)
02 Our Last Goodbye: The Johnson Mountain Boys (2:32)
03 When He Reached Down His Hand For Me: Bill Monroe And His Bluegrass Boys (2:44)
04 Tiny Broken Heart: Hazel Dickens And Alice Gerrard (3:01)
05 New Camptown Races: Red Allen, Frank Wakefield , And The Kentuckians (2:31)
06 Suzanne: Harley Allen-Mike Lilly Band (2:37)
07 I Heard My Mother Call My Name In Prayer: The Nashville Grass (3:07)
08 Teardrops In My Eyes: The Friendly City Playboys (2:26)
09 Cumberland Gap: Snuffy Jenkins (1:31)
10 Live And Let Live: Red Allen And The Kentuckians (2:44)
11 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise: Roger Sprung And Doc Watson (2:37)
12 Hello City Limits: Hugh Moore (2:19)
13 (Legend Of The) Brown Mountain Light: The Country Gentlemen (2:32)
14 Lonesome Road Blues: Roni Stoneman (1:10)
15 The Train That Carried My Girl From Town: Doc Watson (2:16)
16 The Little Girl And The Dreadful Snake: The New Lost City Ramblers (3:29)
17 Little Birdie: The Stanley Brothers (2:37)
18 Rabbit In A Log: The Stanley Brothers (2:20)
19 Grey Eagle: David And Billie Ray Johnson (2:47)
20 Wayfaring Stranger: Cullen Gaylean And The Virginia Mountain Boys (5:07)
21 Billy In The Lowground: The Lonesome Strangers (1:00)
22 The Rebel Girl: Hazel Dickens (2:57)
23 Train 45: Smiley Hobbs (2:19)
24 'Neath That Cold Gray Tomb Of Stone: The Lilly Brothers And Don Stover (3:03)
25 Get Up John: Bill Monroe And His Bluegrass Boys (2:36)
Coordinator: Mary Monseur, Liner Notes: Carla Borden, Frank Proschan, Jeff Place & Lee Michael Demsey, Mastering: Pete Reiniger, Photography: John Cohen & Phil Zimmerman